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 President: Sister Gloria Ali


The Hospitality Unit was developed with the primary purpose of accommodating the growing needs of the women’s department. The function of this unit should consist of people dedicated to the Ministry of HELPS. The Hospitality Unit is a vitally important to the support of the church ministry. It is WISE to select workers that not only have a lot of love for the Ministry of Helps, but also possess the necessary skills to effectively accomplish the goals outlined in your local church. This is groups is provide hospitality for the various events and services in your church/ministry.


 Colors: Black with yellow flower



President: Missionary Esther Hopkins, President

Vice President: Sister Angela Chandler


The YWCC is a group of women ages 18-40 married or single whose prime purpose is to dedicate themselves in an effort to give greater Christian services. This group is the training station to be auxiliary leaders, prayer warriors, good homemakers, and lovers of their own husbands, minister’s wives, and mighty women of Zion.


Colors: Purple with white orchid


Prayer Warriors:


The Prayer Warriors Units are saints (women and men) who are dedicated to fasting and prayer with great compassion and love for the Church and a burden for souls. Prayer warriors under gird those in leadership positions for the body of Christ and for mankind everywhere.


Nurses Unit

Sister Renee Page, President

Sister Christal Mack, Vice-President


The Nurses Unit is a vital unit of the Department of Women. It is a complement to our ministry of the total man. The service of the Nurses Unit includes are all services including funerals. There should be a least one person on the team that could administer cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and should take a First Aid course to be prepared to offer basic first aid with an updated certification card. Every local church, district, state and national meeting should have a Nurses Unit.

Colors: White