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Men’s Department:


Director: Elder Marlos Pettas

Chairman: Superintendent Tommy Vanover, Pastor

To live and teach the word of God so that souls will be saved for the kingdom of God by promoting a well-balanced life and spirit of excellence


Colors: royal blue


 Women’s Department:

 G.W.G. (Glorified Women of God)

 Director: Evangelist Vivian M. Vanover, First Lady


The women’s department are women, according to Job 23:10 & I Peter 1:7, - Jesus is the light of the world and peace to the soul through the calming of his Holy Spirit. Come and join us as we rest in Jesus; bring light to a dark soul, refreshing water to those who thirst and the sweet fragrance of a flower through his love and compassion to all.


Colors: Purple and White


Youth Department


Presidents: Elder Jerome & Sister Angela Chandler 

Vice-Presidents : Brother Antoine & Sister Stephanie Parker 


The youth department will use innovative methods to insure that our youth become valued resources to their families, churches, and communities. We will teach them how to become self-sustaining productive citizens. This department will pursue financial resources that will allow us to cultivate opportunities for the church’s young to become economically empowered and producers of jobs in the body of Christ, without compromising Godly principles thus producing law-abiding outstanding youth to become agents of change in our church and society.


Colors:  yellow


Sunday School Department:

Mother Leona Redding, Sunday School Superintendent

Elder Jerome Chandler, Assistant Sunday School Superintendent


This department is the foundation of church growth and knowledge growth, this department teaches and instructs on the doctrine and principles of holiness living. It helps to develop well versed leaders in the word of God becoming soul winners to the kingdom of God. It helps us to understand the word in a setting otherwise unable to do so. It provides questions and answer periods for the interpretation of God’s holy word. If you know the Bible then Sunday school needs you, but if you don’t know the Bible then you need Sunday school.