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 Elder’s and Minister’s Wives Circle



Elder’s and Minister’s Wives are servants of the local church and should be strong supporters of the ministry. They should be actively involved in the women’s work. They should be examples for the laywomen in following the teaching of holiness modesty of dress and always display a meek and humble spirit. They should be able to work closely with the pastor’s wife.

 Colors: Black


Deacon Wives Circle

The Deacon’s Wives Circle consist of women who are legally married to a deacon or the widow of a deacon. Like their husbands, they should possess the baptism in the Holy Ghost and must exemplify strong support of church leadership. They are to be proven faithful in their family care, their husband, and should be capable of being entrusted with responsible and noteworthy tasks.


Colors: Black & white


Missionary Circle: Aspiring/Deaconess Missionary

President: Evangelist Missionary Annie M. Evans


The Aspiring Missionary is a woman who is saved and filled with the Holy Ghost and feels a special call of God in her life for a higher ministry. She can be any adult age. A Deaconess Missionary is a licensed Missionary whose activities are to be within the confines of her local church. However, with the permission of her pastor, her ministry may be extended beyond the local church. Her First Lady, Church Mother or another seasoned Licensed Missionary should accompany her. Her ministry may include hospital, home visitation, and assisting in prison ministry.